Property Division Laws in New Hampshire

New Hampshire is an equal distribution state when it comes to marital property. However, dividing marital property evenly is much easier said than done. The idea of a 50/50 split just isn’t feasible or even possible in most cases. Because there is room for misinterpretation and some property may be inherently more valuable than other kinds of property, anyone dealing with a divorce and property division needs to have comprehensive, knowledgeable, and aggressive legal counsel. Laws & Demers, PLLC, can be your source for fairness, protection, and guidance as you seek to gain a fair and just resolution for your property division needs.

The actual division of property can depend on a variety of factors and does not solely rest on trying to assign an even value or amount of assets.

The Affects on How the Property is Divided

Some of the factors that may affect how property is divided can include:

  • Length of the marriage
  • Age and health of both spouses
  • Occupation
  • Who is the custodial parent
  • Employability of each party
  • Actions that may have contributed to the growth or devaluation of marital property, such as family business dealings or bad investment decisions
  • Specifics of why one spouse may not have contributed financially, such as staying home to raise family or manage a household
  • Pensions and retirement plans
  • Value of property before marriage

Because each couple and each dissolution of a marriage is unique, there can be no set formula to utilize for every situation. There may be the need for appraisal of property, financial specialists to determine worth, and possibly forensic accountants to locate the totality of assets to be divided. There may be disputes over what constitutes marital property or what may have been acquired before a marriage.

Experienced Property Division Attorneys

Laws & Demers, PLLC, can help evaluate where you stand related to what you feel is rightfully yours. Our firm understands how important fairness is when it comes to property division and how unfair decisions may be handed down if you are unaware of your rights or the existence of assets. We will work diligently to account for assets and present your options for fair division. Our firm will fight to protect what is rightfully yours, now and in the future. With the attorneys at Laws & Demers, PLLC, in your corner, you can rest assured your interests will be protected and your side will be heard if there is any question or dispute over property division. Oftentimes, these decisions need to be made or negotiated while you may be in the midst of the most difficult time in your life. The importance of who gets a home or who can continue to pay certain bills or debts is vital and needs timely and fair consideration. With Laws & Demers, PLLC, by your side, you can feel confident in receiving the most fair and just resolution for your case.

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