Limited Representation and Unbundled Service - New Hampshire

Limited Representation and Unbundled ServiceYou may know you need legal support and representation, but you may also know you either can’t afford to retain a lawyer or you simply don’t need the full services of an attorney. There are certain legal situations and procedures where having an attorney by your side throughout the process is vital to protect your rights. However, there are times where limited representation and unbundled services may be the most beneficial way to move forward. If you are in a situation where you believe that is the best course of action, Laws & Demers, PLLC, can be your source for the customized legal services you need.

What is Limited Representation?

The first criteria for limited representation involves the client and the attorney clearly outlining the attorney’s role and what services will be provided. With unbundled service and limited representation, you decide what areas of the case or preparation for the case will be best served with an attorney’s help.

Types of Limited Representation & Unbundled Service

Some of the services an attorney may perform as part of limited representation and unbundled service may include:

  • General advice and guidance before a hearing
  • Answering questions about the case and laws pertaining to the situation
  • Prepare documents
  • Research the case specifics or case law
  • Review evidence to be presented
  • Appear at a hearing to assist in certain aspects of the case
  • Coach a client before they take on the responsibility of self-representation

Benefits of Limited Representation & Unbundled Service

Limited representation and unbundled services give you the freedom to essentially customize the services you need and want from a skilled and experienced family law attorney. The financial benefits of investing in limited representation can help those who have limited resources to pay for an attorney. The options mean you can feel confident moving forward with a case or hearing, knowing you have the resources and support you need specifically where and when you need it.

Laws & Demers, PLLC, will take the time to listen to the details of your case and help determine what you need and how best to move forward. We will help you explore your options and work with you any way we can to assist so you get the most favorable resolution for your case. Let us explain and explore the benefits of our limited representation and unbundled services.

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