Grandparents Rights in New Hampshire

Grandparents Rights in New HampshireThe relationship between grandparents and grandchildren can be extremely vital as it may be a source of love, support, understanding, and connection to values and traditions. However, that relationship is not like a parental relationship in terms of guaranteed rights of visitation or securing that relationship regardless of what the parents want or do. Even though grandparents can’t force parents to hand over the grandchildren whenever they want them, New Hampshire does recognize the importance of this bond and does have laws to protect grandparents’ rights under certain circumstances. Laws & Demers, PLLC, has experience helping grandparents navigate this emotional and complicated field. If you need to seek visitation, guardianship, or custody of a grandchild, let our firm see if we can help.


Grandparents should realize that they can’t pursue legal action to visit with a grandchild if the parents are married and simply don’t want the grandchildren to visit with grandparents. However, if the parents are divorced, separated, unmarried, one is deceased, or if parental rights have been terminated, a grandparent can then seek legal help in obtaining visitation, custody, or guardianship.

In order to successfully pursue visitation, the grandparents must prove that the visitation is in the best interest of that child. There must be evidence that a role or relationship is consistent, healthy, and vital to the development of that child. The court will weigh a number of factors to determine if court intervention is warranted and if visitation is to be granted. One factor that the court may weigh is if visitation would interfere with parental authority. The courts will also take the child’s preference into consideration if that child is old enough.

Custody & Guardianship

The pursuance of grandparents’ rights related to visitation, custody, and guardianship can be a difficult journey. The law firm of Laws & Demers, PLLC, PLLC, can help grandparents get the visitation or guardianship they desire as a means of keeping that bond between grandparents and grandchildren intact. We understand the sensitive nature of this aspect of family law and will work with grandparents to explore and explain their options. If you believe legal intervention is the best option to ensure a healthy relationship with your grandchildren, let us hear the details of your situation and see if we can help.

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