Child Custody Laws in New Hampshire

Child Custody Laws in New HampshireThere may be no other area of family law more important to a parent or a family than child custody. After filing for divorce the decisions on who will gain custody can be stressful and emotional. Custody issues in New Hampshire are as unique as the families involved. A child custody case can be peaceful and easy to navigate, or it can become contentious and emotional for all parties. With question on visitation and child support, complications can arise and any parent involved in a child custody case should seek legal counsel.

New Hampshire family courts act with the best interests of the child or children in mind and also function under the belief that children benefit from a healthy and consistent relationship with both parents. However, this can be complicated and difficult to decipher in many situations. There are many factors weighed in court when it comes to deciding custody issues.

Who Gets Custody?

Some of the most common factors that are considered and can affect who gets custody include:

  • Physical well-being of the child
  • Ability of parent to provide shelter, clothing, and food
  • Ability of parent to provide a safe environment
  • Ability of parent to meet emotional needs of child
  • School, sports, and community schedules and obligations of child

Joint or Sole Custody?

Joint custody is the most common agreement in New Hampshire, unless there are extenuating circumstances. However, joint custody does not necessarily mean a 50/50 split of time and responsibilities for a child, as that would be nearly impossible for parents to logically comply. Because each family is unique, joint custody involves a parenting plan. Parenting plans are essentially a detailed plan that the court may help both parents negotiate or modify. Details of a parenting plan may outline legal residence of a child, ability or right of one parent to move out of state, and decision-making rights pertaining to school, health, or other issues. Other details may include visitation schedules, transportation details and costs, and what the consequences may be for acting outside of the parenting plan. As child grows and changes, a parenting plan may need modification. Conflict resolution may be needed as parents come to an impasse about certain issues. Because of the fluidity of a custody agreement, having a trusted source of legal advice and guidance from the onset is vital.

At Laws & Demers, PLLC, we understand the importance of a child custody case. We also understand the emotional toll and complications that can arise. Sensitivity and compassion are needed to help parents present their side and needs. The attorneys at our family law firm can be your source for sound and clear-headed representation during what may be a difficult time. We will fight to ensure a fair agreement and address your individual needs as your case evolves or the needs of the child change. We can negotiate delicate matters and also protect your rights at the same time. Our firm will do everything we can to protect the best interests of children while also protecting your rights as a parent. There is no greater bond and no issue more important than the details of a custody case. We will give your child custody case the time, energy, and dedication needed to help you move forward with the best possible outcome.

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